Install the Mac OS X Lion installer on the Apple key USB

My first post in english language : Sorry for the english population : -)

I found on the web a good tips for Macuser who have a Apple USB key contain MacOS X Snow Leopard. If you want to replace it with the last MacOS X lion package :

1 – The site ( gives a procedure to resolve this problem. It must first download the software SM32Xtest. It is a utility designed to recondition Corsair USB drives. Run it under Windows on a PC, a Mac running Boot Camp or virtualization and format with the key. You will have recovered a USB standard.

2 – Copy on this new USB the installer Lion to have a real recovery system in case of problems.
Method :
1 – Retrieve the Mac OS X Lion installer on your disk. Right click and show package content
2 – Displaying the contents of the package Installing Mac OS X Lion. Now open the Contents folder and the Copy the InstallESD.dmg file on your desktop.
3 – Copy the image file in Mac OS X Lion. Find Disk Utility app on your disk and insert your USB drive with a minimum capacity of 8 GB. Make sure it is blank. It then appears in the list on the left that lists all partitions internal or external. Select your USB drive and click the Restore button on the right side.
4 – Creating the USB Mac OS X Lion In the Source field, click Image and then specify the file InstallESD.dmg previously copied to the desktop. In the Destination field, drag and drop your USB drive from the list on the left. You just have to click on the Restore button. Wait about 10 minutes so that the operation is completed. To install the Lion, open System Preferences and click Startup icon. Here, select your USB drive then restart … The computer will then restart on your USB drive bootable.

Thanks a lot for english reader for my post.
Pour les petits français c’est de l’anglais facile a lire….donc rien à dire 🙂

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